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SLEEPAROUND TOWN   (Songs of Puberty)   by Sarah Kernochan    -    Page 3
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The Baby Medley (Company)

Hey, let's make a baby
Let's give it everything that we got
We'll give it all of our love
We're gonna give it our best shot

Hey, who's gonna play baby
Who's gonna sit up front in your shopping carts
Who's gonna shake up this country
Who's gonna break our hearts

What a beautiful baby!
Goo-goo ga-ga etc.
One potato two potato etc.

Listen, you're only two
And in another two years you will remember
Nothing of what was done to you
You won't remember a thing
It'll go dark
It'll fade away like an old soup stain
It escapes like a smell right before
They screw the lid back on
Right before your skull grows over
The soft spot in your head
It's like rubber there
That's why when you throw a baby out the window
It bounces
But not after two
Then it's a mess
Your skull covers the soft spot in your head
So when they throw you out the window it's a mess
And out goes Y-O-U

But when you're three
You are on your own, nothing to hold onto
So hold onto yourself instead
You got to Hold on tight (to yourself)
Hold on tight (even if you get smacked for it)
And if it don't feel good
You ain't doin it right

Be careful, listen to your father
Don't take a nap in the freezer
Be careful, listen to your mother
Don't suck on the wrong end of the vacuum cleaner
Be careful, listen to your sister
Don't float face down in the bathtub
Be careful, listen to your brother
Don't touch an exposed electrical wiring with your tongue
Be careful, goo-goo ga WAAAA


© 1981 Sarah Kernochan

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