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Rules To Live By

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I like you and you like me
Just so long as we agree
Don't talk love 'cause I am worldly-wise
Leave the light on but close your eyes
Ask no questions and you'll get no lies
Kindly kiss me on the dotted line
And rules to live by work out fine

Give an inch and lose a crooked mile
Everytime, everytime I see you smile
I need you like I need a hole in my dreams
Just got my day mended when the night rips the seams
If the news got out I couldn't live it down
'Cause I like my freedom and I like my fun
And rules to live by come undone

I made such a mess of things before
Maybe you could move in next door
And sometimes I'll come 'round and spend the night
No big thing, just if it feels right
Where's the line where people stop and share
If I said I half way care
Rules to live by stop right there
Rules to live by come undone
Rules to live by work out fine


Music & Lyrics © 1975 Sarah Kernochan