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Karma Kamikaze/I'm Over

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Did someone call my number
Then give the wheel a spin
I can't believe they want me back
To fuck it up again
The world's a cage, the bars are bent
The gods have cut and run
The skies are filled with glory boys
And other cosmic scum
Karma Kamikazes

I plunged my knife in Caesar
I fought in the opium wars
I ran at redskins' arrows
I fell with heroes and whores
Through palace coups and Waterloos
And shots in Tianneman Square
I played my piece and died my death
And all of you were there
Karma Kamikazes

The same old dog-and-pony show
Draggin' round the sun
Just tie me to the trigger
You can wake me when it's done
Karma Kamikaze

I met a pale lady
She showed me tenderness
I burned her at the stake
And ordered French fries for the press
But now as I climb up the sky
I call her by love' name
I set the wings, I point the nose
And all go down in flames
Karma Kamikaze


Music & Lyrics © 2005 Sarah Kernochan

I'm over
Over and out
What was that all about?
I'm over
Over and done
Sorry to miss the fun
Hanging in the air
Like a fading star
I'm just a breath away
Yet so far
I'm over, over, ah…

I'm over
Over the falls
No one writes, no one calls
I'm over
Over the hill
Hardly time to drink my fill
Hanging in the space
Between here and now
Seems I lost my place
Don't know how
I'm over, over, ah…

I been underprivileged, undermined
Undersold and undersigned
And underrated
Overlooked and overthrown
Overcooked and overblown
And over-medicated
Over-taxed, under-paid
Over-sexed, under-laid
Overloaded, overdosed
Over easy over toast
Over-hunted, over-hated, over-complicated
Over-saturated, over-stimulated
Over-run, over
Done over, knocked over, raked over, fucked over
Run over, hung over, warmed-over leftover
Over ruled, over-used, overheated overshoes
Overwhelmed, overfed, overbred, over-spent, over
Bent over, keeled over, reeled over
Head over heels over dead oh

I'm over
Over the moon
Out of sight, out of tune
I'm over
Over and above
Is it too late to send you my love?
My love, my love…


Music & Lyrics © 2005 Sarah Kernochan