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Here Goes Nothin

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I met you at Paco's party
Joe Cruel with cognac in your glass
You smiled and I liked the look of your teeth
By daybreak they were buried in my ass (wahoo)
They said you would treat me badly
That you played all women for fools
But I'm the kind of girl who jumps up on the table
And then hands you the tools
I said:

Here goes nothing
Here's my heart for you to flog
Here's my heart on a silver platter
Just leave some scraps for the dog
Here goes nothing
Though I know I'm gonna cry
I never pass up a chance to suffer
So let's give this a try

I see you at a party three years later
And you don't seem so proud
Among skeezers and greasers who keep heads in their freezers
You look right at home in that crowd
Now you say you want to love me again
Smiling as you hand me the bong
You must think I'm crazy to do this again
And you wouldn't be wrong (wahoo)

Yeah, I'm gonna cry again, gonna fry again
Gonna get my hair caught in your fly again
Come on baby, strap me to the grill
And drive me round the bend again
Here goes nothing
But you gotta understand
This time when I step off this ledge
I'm holding tight to your hand
I'm saying:

Here goes nothing
Over the side we go
Only one love to give
So look out below


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