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Down On My Love

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You come into my dream
Enter me from behind
Plunder my body
Break out my wine
Awake I can forget you
I have a good man now
But asleep I am your prisoner
And your shadow drags me down
Down on my love

I don't pine for the past
When we were young and dumb
You taught me how to kiss
You taught me to come
But your darker lessons followed
When you grew good and bored
You had me believing that pain was a blessing
And rape a reward
Down on my love

Is it fair that you claim my sleep
Is it right that you own the night
That you still boil in my blood
That you sting in my eye
And I lie next to my husband
And I cannot make a sound
As you pull me from his arms
And push my head down
Down on your love


Music & Lyrics © 2006 Sarah Kernochan