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Hello again I see your face
It's every place
That I run
How many fools today did you kiss and make well
Did you sell your dream vacation dream sun 'n fun
To do dum dums
Hello my friend, I've bought you stuff
I guess I've bought enough
To buy a gun
If I had your style
Your bargain smile
It might be fun to give the run around to someone
dum da dum

Now we're alone at last
Here's my chance and I'll make it fast
If I abuse you it's just 'cause I used to
Love you and don't love to lose, too

I think I'll start you with a moustache
Some glasses, and a little skin rash
I wonder how you'd look without your teeth
Well, maybe I'll leave just one
Dum da dum

And all this time I bet you didn't know
I'm also, a poet unsung
So I will draw a big balloon-a-toon
That spills out from your toothless mouth
And you will sing with my tongue
Da-dum da-dum
To the wide world you'll sing
You'd love to do any unnatural thing
To any bum who comes along and writes your num
ber down and here it is QE7-5011

You must learn you can't smile so sweet
On this particular street, after all you've done
Don't try to run, we'll jump you
In the dark, in your parks, in your backyards
In your heart of hearts
Listen for the drums, da dum da dum da dum


Music & Lyrics © 1975 Sarah Kernochan