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Can I Get On Top This Time?

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Can I Get On Top This Time
Can I Get On Top This Time
It would so divine to come up for air
And stare at your rock and roll poster
From your creaky four-poster
Close me eyes, cut me loose and sail

My name is lady love at last
And a pirate has me chained to the mast
His name is Mad Dog Ives
And I'm frightened by his thighs
He'd like to cut my dress with his cutlass
And thoroughly dishonor my distress
His face a cruel mask he grows bolder
As he strains me against his powerful shoulder
His mates all cry so it's a dirty girl
Tell the world she loves it
Don't you know she wants more what a whore

This lady love a long one
Show the lady how it's done
Long John Big Enough
Can't you see she likes it rough
Give her hair a yank
Make her walk the plank

No no no no no,
I won't go
No no no no no
You'll never higher
You can't make me go
wh-oh oh Oh

Dah dah dah dah
Yad-da da da
You'll never guess where I've just been
And you'll never know


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